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Indulge in the sweet scent of Strawberries & Cream with our Playdough Lover's Dream set. This delightful playdough features a beautiful swirl of pink and white, reminiscent of a delectable ice cream sundae. The set includes a special potion bottle cutter for creating fun shapes, perfect for crafting sweet creations. Each set comes in a lovely organza bag, making it a perfect gift for any playdough enthusiast. Let your imagination run wild with this irresistible scent and playful design.



Wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, baby oil, vegetable glycerine, plant dyes and essential oils.  Approximately 65g of Smough per tin.


Please note that Smough is made by hand and the colours may vary slightly.  It is made in a clean and safe environment, but we cannot guarantee there are no allergens in the surrounding area.  

Strawberries & Cream Lover's Dream

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